Hey, I'm Vardan!

I'm a software engineer turned engineering manager. Currently I'm an Engineering Manager at Grafana Labs.

I come from Armenia but have been living in Berlin, Germany since 2013.

I've gotten my interest in computers quite early, since I watched my neighbour play games as a child:) I've managed to save money and buy my first computer when I was 12 and started photoshoping myself with the big Holywood stars of the time. I also played with making short movies with the software I had at hands.

My journey with programming began when I overheard school teachers arguing about Turing Completness of Excel. My next move was to find out what they actually meant.

I spent the first couple of years at the university doing Pascal and learning DOS. Eventually I realized that I need something more, so I ended up taking extra courses beside the university classes to learn Java. Until now, Java is my main programming language (despite the fact that I have not written Java in production in the last 3 years).

What follows is my professional career, and if you are curious to see what I have been doing in the past, feel free to checkout my CV.