Recursive Procedure vs Process

Recursion is common to computer science and mathematics. We can see Recursion Theory also used in Logic or linguistics. While coding in Java, I’ve not been using recursion heavily, however while practicing FP languages recursion became my best friend.

Written on February 28, 2017
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My Resolutions for 2017

I won’t be the first one to tell that 2016 was a hard year. Looking back though, I could accomplish almost everything I planned for the year. Without getting sentimental, I can think of the following wrap-up ;)

Written on December 31, 2016
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The journey continues

I’ve started my journey in algorithms and data structures more or less three months ago. I am not there, where I wish I’d be, however I am satisfied with the process. My goal is to learn, what I knew before and what I know is incomparable, this keep me going.

Written on December 3, 2016
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